Flanders Red Field Poppy Flower Seeds
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Flanders Red Field Poppy Flower Seeds

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8000 poppy seeds. The Flanders or field poppy (papaver rhoeas) is the simplest to grow, and is best known as a symbol of remembrance for soldiers who gave their lives in the first World War. It’s an annual, bee-friendly variety that’s ideal in a wildflower garden.

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Sow Outside March-May/August-October

Growing Instructions

Perennial. Sow poppy seeds directly into your garden in spring or autumn. If you’re planting early in the year, usually between March and May is best, but you’ll have to wait until the following summer for a healthy display. Sow between the end of August and October for more flowers in the first season.

Choose a sunny spot with good drainage. Weed the area and rake to a fine tilth.
Pour some poppy seeds into your hand and sprinkle them very thinly across the ground to create natural looking drifts.
Allow 7-30 days to germinate, depending on the variety, soil condition and growing temperatures. Keep the soil moist during germination.
Once the seedlings are large enough to handle, thin them out to around 30cm (12in) apart.
Water the area regularly, especially during dry spells. Be careful not to overdo it as this encourages quick growth and leggy plants, or even rot.