Here at Easy Grow Seeds we are passionate about the environment and nature, that's why we reuse, re-purpose or recycle everything we can. We keep our waste down to an absolute minimum and we donate to local and international environmental projects.

However we understand that not all of our customers are able or want to commit to every green initiative available to them, so we offer a fantastic choice of seed packaging for everybody. Allowing those who want to do more for the environment the ability to do so and save money at the same time!


Full Packaging

Our Full Packaging is heat sealed and designed to keep the seeds fresh for as long as possible, it's attractive, shiny, eye catching and can be resealed. It's perfect:-

- If you are buying the Seeds as a Gift for someone (instructions included).

- If you intend to use the seeds in the future rather than now (eg. in six months).

- If you intend to plant some now, then save the rest of the seeds for later.

- If you just like shiny things!


Eco Packaging

Our Eco Packaging is designed to be simple, plain and recyclable. A 'no frills' option for those who are interested in saving the environment and saving money. Choose this option if:-

- You would like to help the environment.

- You don't intend to store the seeds for a long time before sowing (or have your own storage already).

- You don't need fancy packaging.

- You don't mind using our website for growing instructions (no instructions supplied with seeds).

- You would like to save money.