Our Seeds are natural as nature intended them! Only organic methods are used to cultivate the plants that produce our seeds. We don't use poisonous chemicals and no dangerous unnatural pesticides are used on the plants. We don't use laboratory genetically altered plants or seeds. No chemical fertilizers and only organic treatments are used in the growing process. Regardless of whether you are buying seeds that will be grown to harvest food or whether you are buying ornamental plant seeds, you can rest assured that these are organic natural seeds and that care has been taken to protect other plants and wildlife local to production.

We believe in treating people fairly. All our seeds are sourced from reputable farmers and suppliers around the world. These are companies that treat their employees properly. Happy, unexploited workers produce great quality seeds, so everybody wins! We also work hard to ensure that there are no imitation seeds or poor business practices from our suppliers. When you buy seeds from us you know that they are not only the real deal and great quality, but they have also come from a supply network of happy people who deserve your custom.


We only use seeds that are as fresh as possible, that means no old seeds or seeds that are past their prime! We have strict internal rules and guidelines to make sure that seeds are harvested, transported and packed as fast as humanly possible. Our seed count is accurate and we will over deliver rather than under deliver, so if you order 700 seeds you will receive at least 700 seeds! Our standard packaging is developed to keep our seeds as fresh as possible for as long as possible and are also heat sealed. Once you break the heat seal, there is the option to reseal the packaging after every use, keeping in the freshness for longer, ensuring your seeds will germinate for as long as possible.

Every type of seed is tested to make sure they have a naturally high germination rate. So although we cannot guarantee 100% germination of every one of our seeds, if germination conditions are correct to the species a large percentage of our seeds you sow will germinate successfully into healthy and strong plants. When independently tested, Easy Grow Seeds typically have a higher germination rate than most other seed suppliers. Every day we receive messages of thanks and photos from happy customers who are impressed with how many seeds have sprouted compared to seeds they have bought elsewhere in the past. We make sure that our seeds really are easy grow seeds!