Dragon Tree Houseplant Seeds
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Dragon Tree Houseplant Seeds

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10 Dragon Tree seeds. The dracaena plant is a popular ornamental houseplant, grown both indoors and outdoors in subtropical climates. It reaches a height of about three feet indoors, and has a bushy tree type of look. Its glossy leaves can grow up to one foot long and a couple of inches wide.

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Growing Instructions

Soak dracaena seeds in room-temperature water for three to five days to enhance germination. Fill a small pot or container with seed starting mix. Be sure the container has a drainage hole in the bottom. Moisten the seed starting mix so it's lightly moist but not saturated. Then, sprinkle the dracaena seeds over the surface of the seed starting mix, covering them lightly. Place the pots on a heat germination mat. Dracaena from seed germinates in temperatures between 68 and 80 F. (20-27 C.). Cover the plants with clear plastic to create a greenhouse-like atmosphere. Place the container in bright, indirect light. Avoid sunny windowsills, as direct light is too intense. Water as needed to keep the seed starting mix lightly moist. Loosen the plastic or poke several holes if you notice water dripping down the inside of the bag. The seeds may rot if conditions are too damp. Remove the plastic covering when the seeds germinate. Watch for the dracaena seeds to germinate in four to six weeks. Transplant the seedlings into individual, 3-inch (8 cm.) pots filled with standard potting soil when the seedlings have two true leaves.