Echeveria Cante Mixed Houseplant Seeds
Echeveria Cante Mixed Houseplant Seeds
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Echeveria Cante Mixed Houseplant Seeds

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10 echeveria seeds. Echeveria is a popular genus of succulents with approximately 100 species native to Mexico and north-western South America. The plants have fleshy leaves that form attractive rosettes in various colours and geometric designs. They are named after the Spanish botanist Atanasio Echeveria and are often used as houseplants or in gardens. Echeverias prefer bright direct sunlight and dry soils with good drainage, and they only require fertilization once a year. These plants are polycarpic and can flower and set seeds multiple times throughout their lifetimes.

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Growing Instructions

To plant Echeveria seeds successfully, it's important to find a sheltered area to prevent the seeds from blowing away. Mix the seeds with fine sand or talc and add them to a pot filled with potting mix, making sure to space them apart. Water the pot from the bottom and cover it with plastic wrap to create humidity for the seeds to grow. Once germinated, remove the plastic wrap and monitor the plant daily for any signs of fungal infection.