Flame of the Forest Bonsai Houseplant Seeds
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Flame of the Forest Bonsai Houseplant Seeds

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10 Bonsai seeds. Noted for its magnificent floral display, Butea monosperma (Flame of the Forest) is a small to medium-sized deciduous tree that's perfect for Bonsai! This gorgeous, slow-growing South East Asian native tree opens its bright orange-red flowers, produced in clusters up to 15 cm long, from January to March, when it becomes a tree of flame, an absolute riot of orange and vermilion flowers, which cover the entire crown, massed along the ends of the stalks.

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Growing Instructions

Soak seeds for 48 hours in water and sow 1 cm deep in a combination of sowing mix and silica sand (1:1). Cover with plastic foil or glass and keep the soil constantly moist. Let them germinate in a warm place (25-30 degrees Celsius). Germination should take place in 4-6 weeks.