Philodendron Martianum Pacová Houseplant Seeds
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Philodendron Martianum Pacová Houseplant Seeds

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10 philodendron seeds. The Philodendron Martianum, also known as the Flask Philodendron or Fat Boy, is an extremely rare plant native to Brazil. It features stiff, leathery-textured leaves and a non-vining growth habit, reaching over 3 feet (1 meter) in height, making it ideal for use as a floor plant. This Philodendron produces large, attractive blooms with creamy-white hoods and deep red accents down their throats, making them stand out from other Philodendron varieties. Overall, the Philodendron Martianum is a unique and beautiful plant that is sure to add a touch of exotic charm to any space.

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Growing Instructions

The seeds need to be placed into soil ideally a soil-less seed starting mix, 0.5 to 1 centimetre deep, and lightly covered. The location should be warm and bright and the seeds need about two to six weeks to germinate when having a constant temperature between 20 – 23 degrees celsius. Keep spraying the soil to keep it moist but not too wet. Ideally use a propagator, or cover with plastic to ensure the moisture is retained and a greenhouse effect is created.