6-in-1 Autumn Salad Mix
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6-in-1 Autumn Salad Mix

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Each pack includes the following seeds:

250 Corn Vit Lambs Lettuce

1000 Rocket

150 Barrecole Red Russian Kale

2500 Sprouting White Mustard

80 Spinach

200 Pak Choi Red Lady 

Each seed variety is individually packed/sealed. They are all quick and easy growers and can be grown inside or outside.

These seeds come with an option of Eco Packaging - Find out more. 

Sow Outside Various (see below)
Sow Inside (before transplanting)
Various (see below)

Growing Instructions

Cultivated Rocket - Produce outside during the spring and
summer, and under protection during the winter. Sowing
depth 1cm. Spacing (final and for cut - and - come again)
15cm in row, 15cm between rows.
Borecole Red Russian - Germinates between 10 & 25°C.
Sow between mid May and July. Plant spacings 60 x 60cm.
Harvest in autumn and winter.
Corn Vit Lambs Lettuce - Harvest from July-September
outdoors and from September- March under glass. Sow
the Lamb's lettuce seeds about 1 cm deep and thin the
seedlings out with 10-15 cm spacing.
Sprouting White Mustard - Germinates between 15 & 20°C.
Sow anytime. Harvest at 5cm.
Spinach - Germinates between 10 & 30°C. Carefully pick
outer leaves when they are large enough to eat to promote
regrowth and higher production.
Pak Choi Red Lady - Sow thinly with 25cm spacing. Ready
to eat after 30 days for baby leaf and 45 days for stir fries.