African Lily Agapanthus Peter Pan Houseplant Seeds
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African Lily Agapanthus Peter Pan Houseplant Seeds

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30 African Lily seeds. Agapanthus 'Peter Pan' is a compact, evergreen agapanthus. It forms a tight clump of strap-shaped leaves, from which a mass of tall stems of sky-blue umbels appear in summer. On closer inspection, each trumpet-shaped flower has dark blue stripes.

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Growing Instructions

Fill a planting tray with good quality, compost-based potting mix. Add a small amount of perlite to promote drainage. (Be sure the tray has drainage holes in the bottom.) Sprinkle agapanthus seeds on the potting mix. Cover the seeds with no more than ¼-inch (0.5 cm.) of the potting mix. Alternatively, cover the seeds with a thin layer of coarse sand or horticultural grit. Water the trays slowly until the potting mix is lightly moist but not soaking wet. Place the tray in a warm area where the seeds will be exposed to sunlight for at least six hours per day. Water lightly whenever the surface of the potting mix is dry. Be careful not to overwater. Move the trays to a cool, bright area after the seeds germinate, which usually takes about a month. Transplant the seedlings into small, individual pots when the seedlings are big enough to handle. Cover the potting mix with a thin layer of sharp grit or coarse, clean sand.