Apache Red Salad Onion Vegetable Seeds
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Apache Red Salad Onion Vegetable Seeds

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50 Onion seeds. This very decorative variety of spring onion has deep purple, glossy skin which contrast beautifully with the dark green leaves. It has mild flavour and crisp texture and is perfect for attractive salads. Fast maturing, 'Apache' is ready to eat in as little as 6 weeks from sowing. 8ins (20cm).

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Sow Outside March-April/July-August


Growing Instructions

Direct sow Mar-Jul. where they are to crop. Sow thinly 15mm deep into drills of finely prepared soil which has been watered. Allow 15cm between rows. Early and late sowings may benefit from cloche protection. Seedlings appear in 14-21 days. Thinning is not required. Successional sow every 3 weeks.