Bellis Bam Bam Red Flower Seeds
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Bellis Bam Bam Red Flower Seeds

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8 Bellis seeds. Bam Bam’ is unique new variety with large flowers, naturally compact habit and nonstretching stems. This hardy variety does not need vernalisation and therefore can be sold in both Autumn and in Spring alongside other cool crops such as Pansy, Viola, Primrose etc. As the name suggests, despite being short in stature, this variety really packs a punch with it’s large showy blooms and looks great in packs, small pots, colour bowls. Great for containers and bedding out.

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Sow Outside June-July

Growing Instructions

Perennial grown as biennial, sow June-July on the compost surface, germinates in 1-2 weeks at 15-20°C.