Biquinho Yellow Hot Pepper Vegetable Seeds
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Biquinho Yellow Hot Pepper Vegetable Seeds

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8 Pepper seeds. These peppers originate from Brazil and are named after the Portuguese word for ‘little beak’ due to their distinctive shape. The fruits are typcally 3.5cm x 2.5cm in size and have a mild heat when ripe. Fruits matrue from green to yellow.

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Sow Outside March-April
Sow Inside under glass December-January

Growing Instructions

Germinates between 25 and 30°C. Sow early December-January, or for maincrop March- April. Spacing 30-60cm x 45-90cm. Grow on at 16-23°C. Harvest from early April/May, or maincrop from July.
Please note that germination can be slow and erratic on some open pollinated hot peppers.