Bonsai Sweetgum Liquidambar Tree Houseplant Seeds
Bonsai Sweetgum Liquidambar Tree Houseplant Seeds
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Bonsai Sweetgum Liquidambar Tree Houseplant Seeds

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10 Liquidambar bonsai seeds. Liquidambar is a deciduous tree with leaves that turn splendid yellow, various shades of orange, burgundy purple and many different shades of red in the autumn. It is an attractive bonsai tree whether it has green leaves, coloured leaves or no leaves. Liquidambar will produce reliable fall colours in warm climates too. Liquidambar has been growing on earth since before the last ice age. Today, it is considered a living fossil with only four species left and limited range. They produce leaves from shoots in a spray pattern unlike other deciduous trees.

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Growing Instructions

Soak seeds overnight in water. Fill 3" starter pots with seed starting potting mix. Cover seeds with 1/4" sand and water well. Propagate with lid or plastic wrap. Place in fridge for 4 weeks, checking regularly for germination and mist as needed. After 1 month or after seeds have started to germinate (whichever comes first) move the pots to warm area 20-21c. Pot up as needed.