Bronze Curls Carex Comans Ornamental Grass Seeds
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Bronze Curls Carex Comans Ornamental Grass Seeds

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12 Carex Comans seeds. This New Zealand Hair Sedge has mid brown bronze leaves. A great choice for autumn containers. 35cm. Carex comans ‘Bronze Form’ forms dense tussocks of narrow, bronze-brown leaves. It’s a versatile plant, well suited to growing in sun or shade. Small inconspicuous flowers are borne in summer.
Carex comans ‘Bronze Form’ is particularly useful for adding winter interest, particularly in containers where it looks good planted with spring bulbs and ivies. Like most perennial grasses, it benefits from a tidy up in spring to remove dead foliage and encourage new growth.

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Growing Instructions

Perennial. Sow at any time, in a well-lit position, into a good, soil-based compost. Cover seeds thinly and keep moist at around 15 degrees C or 60 degrees F. You may want to sow them inside first in the Autumn and Winter months if the temperatures drop below 15c. Keep moisture levels consistent and never let the soil dry out until the seeds have germinated. Some New Zealand species can be very slow to germinate and may need cooler temperatures before they will come up.