Carnation Dwarf Fragrance Mixed Flower Seeds
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Carnation Dwarf Fragrance Mixed Flower Seeds

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180 Carnation seeds. Very colourful, upright habit ideal for garden cut flowers.

These seeds come with an option of Eco Packaging - Find out more. 

Growing Instructions

Plant your carnation seeds about 30cm apart, right under the surface of the topsoil when the last frost has passed. To make sure the flowers are bright and healthy, use a bit of compost so that the soil is extra fertile. Keep moist.

Or plant indoors 8 weeks before the last frost, inside containers with drainage holes. Use potting soil, and sprinkle seeds on top then cover lightly. Water and then propagate with lid or plastic wrap. Germination often occurs within 1 week. Move to single pots once they have 3 leaves. Transplant when frost has passed, and they are at least 4-5" tall.