Chinese Fan Palm Houseplant Seeds
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Chinese Fan Palm Houseplant Seeds

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10 fan palm seeds. Fan palm trees are among the most popular of indoor tropical plants and require bright light conditions and ample space to thrive.

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Growing Instructions

Potting soil used for palm plants should be well draining and any container used for the plant should have ample drainage holes in the bottom. Soil should be moist at all times during the growing season, although it is essential to avoid over-saturation, which can lead to root rot.

Growing fan palms isn’t difficult as long as you provide a room temperature of 55-60 F. (13-16 C.). Keep indoor palm plants away from heating or cooling vents or ceiling fans that may cause temperature fluctuations. Unlike many other types of palms, fan palms do best with at least four hours of direct sunlight daily. A south or west-facing window is best.

Allow the plant soil to dry out a little more in the winter than in the summer. A daily mist of water helps to keep humidity levels high. If frond tips become brown, the humidity is too low. A light fertilizer application from late winter through early fall helps fan palm plants remain vital.