Coral Aloe Striata Houseplant Seeds
Coral Aloe Striata Houseplant Seeds
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Coral Aloe Striata Houseplant Seeds

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15 aloe seeds. The Aloe Striata plant is also known as the Coral Aloe plant, due to colorful leaves, varying in tint from pale grey-green to bronze and brown with a pinkish tinge, which it takes on when put under the stress of the beating sun. Often confused for its cousin, the Aloe Striatula, the Coral Aloe plant is actually quite different. These strong, single-branched, stemmed stealthy plants survive well in hot, dry climates, and make a beautiful succulent that cleans the air around it.. Its rigid-to-fleshy leaves grow up to 20 inches long and 8 inches wide, with dull red flowers that appear swollen at the base of their tubular shape.

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Growing Instructions

Sow the seeds in sandy soil.

It will take the seeds a few weeks to germinate successfully at temperatures between 68° – 75° degrees Fahrenheit (20° – 24° C).

Once the seedlings are strong enough to be transplanted, move them to a location in sandy soils under the afternoon sun. The perfect windowsill house plant.