Dill Herb Seeds
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Dill Herb Seeds

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900 Dill seeds. Dill is an annual herb in the celery family Apiaceae. It is the only species in the genus Anethum. Dill is grown widely in Eurasia, where its leaves and seeds are used as an herb or spice for flavouring food.

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Sow Inside (before transplanting)


Growing Instructions

Growing Dill is super easy! Although they don't like their roots being disturbed, so plant them where you wish them to stay whether that's in pots or in the ground. Start dill off from seed anytime between mid-spring and mid-summer. Prepare the soil well, choosing a fertile, open site in full sun. Sow seeds thinly in shallow, 1cm (½in) deep, rows and cover lightly with soil. Thin seedlings when large enough to handle to 15cm (6in) apart.

Alternatively, sow seeds thinly in large pots filled with multi-purpose compost, including peat free media. Thin seedlings to 10cm (4in) apart when large enough to handle. Do not allow soil or compost to dry out. Water plants regularly, especially during hot, dry summers, but do not over water.