Drosera Intermedia (Temperate, Poland) Carnivorous Houseplant Seeds
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Drosera Intermedia (Temperate, Poland) Carnivorous Houseplant Seeds

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5 Drosera Intermedia seeds. Please note: The seeds are tiny like specs and are sometimes difficult to see. The best soil to grow Drosera intermedia is 1:1 silica sand and peat, and the soil must always be moist. Provide as much light as possible, with the ideal temperature between 75 to 80 F and 70-80% humidity.

Drosera intermedia are best grown with soil that has little to no nutrition. You may use long fibered sphagnum, peat or silica sand. You might try a 2:1 ratio but most of the time 1:1 is going to produce the best result.

Drosera intermedia or Bird's Nest Sundew is sometimes called the Water Sundew, and for good reason. It loves extremely wet, saturated boggy conditions.

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Sow Inside Anytime

Growing Instructions

Perennial. Sow anytime. Use a neutral soilless potting
mix such as 1pt peat moss and 1pt perlite.
Ensure the mix is fully watered all the way through
using distilled water. Surface sow seeds. Propagate
with a propagator set or inside a zip lock bag with 2
inches of distilled water in the bottom. Place in fridge
to stratify for 4-6 weeks. After this place under lights or in a light position,
expect germination in 4-6 weeks from this point. Always
use distilled/rain water when watering these plants.