Dwarf French Bean Borlotto Tintoretto Seeds
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Dwarf French Bean Borlotto Tintoretto Seeds

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20 Borlotto seeds. An improved Supremo Nano type, this dwarf Borlotto variety produces a heavy crop of colourful beans. Good vigour even in unfavourable conditions; early to mature. Pods typically 16-18cm long and predominantly red in colour, with 8-9 beans per pod. Resistant to BCMV.

Dwarf French beans give a high return for limited space and outlay. Suitable for fresh sales and for processing; also popular for pick-your-own use.

These seeds come with an option of Eco Packaging - Find out more. 

Sow Outside May
Sow Inside (before transplanting) February

Growing Instructions

To crop under glass sow from February onwards (germinates between 15 and 30°C). Sow in modules for transplanting outside in May, alternatively sow direct outside in May. Plant spacing 25 x 75cm. Harvest from July onwards.