Dwarf Umbrella Tree Houseplant Seeds
Dwarf Umbrella Tree Houseplant Seeds
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Dwarf Umbrella Tree Houseplant Seeds

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10 Umbrella tree seeds. The Umbrella plant is also known as the Dwarf umbrella tree. Schefflera Arboricola is the scientific name. Grown indoors the Schefflera Arboricola can be kept to a manageable size of 4 - 8ft tall, and fortunately they respond well to basic indoor conditions.

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Growing Instructions

Schefflera are not difficult plants to grow if they receive plenty of indirect light, warmth, and humidity. In very cold climates, bottom heat might be necessary. Leggy schefflera can be pruned to encourage a fuller plant.

Dwarf umbrella tree seeds are a medium-sized seed. If you pre-soak the seeds in hot water for 12hrs before planting, you can boost the germination rate up to 97%. When planting Schefflera plants, you can use regular, well-draining potting mix. Sow them twice as deep as their size. After you plant them, water the medium enough to make it moist but not soggy. Keep the planting medium between 75 and 85 F (23-30 C) and out of direct sunlight. A great setup for these seeds would be a 3-4” nursery pot with 1-3 seeds per pot. Cover the planter in a ziploc bag to maintain humidity and place in a warm and bright spot, like a windowsill, or a grow light. Once the seedlings start to sprout, and especially when the adult leaves start showing up(those are the second sets of leaves), you can remove the ziploc bag.