Dwarf Velvet Pink Banana Musa Velutina Houseplant Seeds
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Dwarf Velvet Pink Banana Musa Velutina Houseplant Seeds

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10 Dwarf Velvet Pink Banana Musa seeds. Musa velutina is a dwarf species ideal for indoor cultivation as it grows to only 1.2m and is suited to indoor conditions. This is a lovely little Banana with shiny, dark green leaves with a striking red midrib below and the flowers are a pretty orange-yellow, followed by velvety, bright-pink fruits.

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Sow Inside Anytime

Growing Instructions

Sow indoors at any time, soak the hard seeds for 24 hours in lukewarm water then sow a quarter-inch (0.5cm) deep in individual pots of seed compost, keep moist, seal the pot in a polythene bag to keep moisture in. Maintain heat at around 25°C (77°F). Germination will be erratic, allow up to 6 months. Pot on as needed to larger pots, the plants will grow to the size of the pot. If placing outside, plant in a sunny sheltered spot. Tender perennial.