Eucalyptus Cinerea Silver Dollar Houseplant Seeds
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Eucalyptus Cinerea Silver Dollar Houseplant Seeds

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10 eucalyptus seeds. Eucalyptus cinerea subsp. cinerea is a charming tree, ranging from small to moderately sized, known for its dense and compact crown adorned with stunning silvery foliage. It holds significant popularity among eucalyptus enthusiasts, particularly in temperate regions and colder areas. This tree is an excellent option for privacy planting and screening, providing an attractive and effective barrier. Its distinct beauty and adaptability make it a favoured choice for various landscapes and gardening projects.

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Growing Instructions

Plant in slightly acidic soil in a position of full sun and keep sheltered from cold when young. Plant in chalky, clay, loamy, sandy soil (but will tolerate most soil types). Soil should be well-draining.