Eucalyptus Red Box Silver Dollar Gum Houseplant Seeds
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Eucalyptus Red Box Silver Dollar Gum Houseplant Seeds

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10 eucalyptus seeds. An Australian native that grows into a tree in very mild climates. This plant gets its common name from it’s intriguing round, silvery-gray leaves that resemble silver dollars. Its interesting to note, however, that the leaves become more elongated as the tree ages and matures. The fragrant foliage is perfect for cutting to use in arrangements and dries very well for long-term uses such as wreaths, swags or in a vase. An excellent long-lived, carefree, drought-tolerant plant for arid locations.

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Growing Instructions

The seed should be sown on top of the soil surface, and then covered with a fine layer of sand, just enough to keep the seed from being exposed to the light. (A fine layer of soil can also be used, but the use of sand greatly diminishes the risk of damping off.) Like most other seeds, they need to be kept moist but not wet. Keeping seeds in fridge a few weeks before planting aids in germination.