Fishtail Palm Tree Caryota Mitis Houseplant Seeds
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Fishtail Palm Tree Caryota Mitis Houseplant Seeds

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10 Fishtail Palm seeds. Fishtail palm tree gets its common name from the ragged-edged, ribbed texture of the dark-green leaflets that grow on upright stems. Its triangular leaflets are unique, and over time naturally split at the ends, just like a fish tail.

Grown as an indoor palm tree, it can reach several feet tall indoors, therefore it needs some vertical space. This palm becomes more lush and attractive as it matures; however, even small plants are attention-getting in any brightly lit room.

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Growing Instructions

The fishtail palm tree is grown from seeds that should be planted in the spring or summer season.

Make sure to only plant them just under the soil as opposed to deeply burying them. Fishtail palm tree seeds germinate best when only lightly covered and kept in a moist, warm, fresh potting mix.

To boost efficiency, use a seedling heat mat or keep a steady temperature of about 70f/21c degrees. Once the seeds sprout, you are on your way to new plants. When you are ready to propagate the fishtail palm tree after they sprout, all you have to do is divide the stems that rise from the clumps at the base of the offsets.

After gently separating the clumps, pot the offsets in individual pots. Feed the trees once yearly at the start of summer with a palm specific slow-release fertilizer.