Foxtail Lion's Tail Agave Houseplant Seeds
Foxtail Lion's Tail Agave Houseplant Seeds
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Foxtail Lion's Tail Agave Houseplant Seeds

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5 agave seeds. Agave plants are very easy to grow indoors, provided you give them the warmth and sunlight they need. They need very little water and food, and overwatering or overfeeding can actually kill them. They also don't need repotting very often because they are so slow-growing.

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Growing Instructions

Mix equal amounts of garden soil, sand and perlite. Sterilize the prepared substrate. You can do that by putting it in a microwave for 3 minutes.
Fill small 3" pots with substrate, leaving some space at the top, at least 0.5 inches (2cm). Add plenty of water and leave the container, so that the water has some time to decant.
Plant seeds, but leave at least 0.4 inches (1cm) of space between each seed. Then cover the seeds again with a thin layer of substrate, and to finish it off, cover it with a thin layer of fine gravel or sand, with grains no bigger than 0.12 inches (3mm). Water it again.
Moisture is the most important part for seed germination. It’s best to cover the container with a piece of glass, nylon or a plastic bag in order to keep it moisturized.
The temperature needed for Agave to germinate is 77°F (25°C) and above.
The germination can start as soon as 4 days after planting, but it’s more frequent for it to start after 10 days to 2 weeks.
Agaves bred from the seed start off as one leaf. The empty shell of the seed can stay at the top of the plant for a long time. You can take it of gently by yourself, but it’s not necessary. You need to spray the substrate every day, it cannot be let to completely dry off. It is also important to provide the plant with sufficient sunlight during the day, but avoid direct sunlight for a couple of months. It’s of great importance for Agaves not to change its light regime during this sensitive period. Try to provide it with a similar amount of light every day. The plant starts to form a new leaf four weeks after germination, so they start looking like mature Agaves. However, only after forming the third leaf will Agaves look more like their parents.