Golden Wattle Bonsai Houseplant Seeds
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Golden Wattle Bonsai Houseplant Seeds

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10 Golden Wattle tree seeds. The wattle is a large genus of more than 1200 species, many of which are suited for bonsai. They are broadleaf evergreen trees or shrubs with compound pinnate leaves in most cases. Some species have flattened leaf-stalks (petioles), known as phyllodes, which serve the purpose of leaves.

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Growing Instructions

Acacia seed propagation is the preferred method for professionals and novices. First scarify the seeds using sandpaper or nail clippers (be careful not to crush the interior you only want to crack the outter shell). Then soak for two days in hot water. Place seeds onto moist paper towel with space of around 1cm apart, place paper towel inside zip lock or Tupperware inside a dark warm location such as a cupboard. Check daily for signs of sprouting (normally 2 weeks), once germinated plant into a seed starter mix ideally a sandy loamy soil or general purpose compost mixed with perlite for additional drainage. Plant in 3" pots and place in a position out of direct sunlight with a temperature ideally at 24c and keep moist.