Grape Ivy Houseplant Seeds
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Grape Ivy Houseplant Seeds

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10 grape ivy seeds. Grape ivy, or Cissus rhombifolia, is a member of the grape family and in form resembles other ornamental vines that share the name “ivy”. Consisting of about 350 species of subtropical to tropical species, Cissus rhombifolia is one of the most tolerant of indoor growing conditions. Grape ivy growing is most suited to use as an indoor hanging plant due to its native habitat in tropical Venezuela, where one will find grape ivy growing in a cascading or trailing profusion of vines up to 10 feet long.

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Growing Instructions

Grow grape ivy in medium to bright light, temperatures above 10°C Ideally above 20°C until they germinate. Do not overwater. Soak seeds for 24hrs before planting to promote germination. Like with most houseplants, grow grape ivy in containers with drainage holes and don't over water. Expect germination in 4 weeks - 6 months. If not soaked they can take longer to germinate. Push seed 1mm deep into high quality potting mix but do not cover as grape ivy needs light to germinate. Keep soil moist until seedlings appear.

Ivy plants indoors do well in bright indirect light. The plant can tolerate low light settings but will need pinching back frequently as it stretches toward any light source. Grape Ivy prefers the temperature to be below 27°C and above 10°C. Soil: Use a rich, well-drained soil. A potting mix formulated for African Violets is ideal.

Grape ivy grows best when its soil dries out slightly between waterings. Only water when the soil is dry to the touch, then water the plant thoroughly, allowing excess water to drain out of the bottom of the pot. If your pot is in a saucer, dump the collected water shortly after watering.

Ivies can be grown in hanging baskets, at the base of other houseplants and in pots of their own.