Italian Giant Parsley Seeds
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Italian Giant Parsley Seeds

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460 Italian giant parsley seeds. Also known as Italian parsley, flat leaf parsley has dark green leaves and a pungent, sweet flavour. This parsley is best for cooking, since it can withstand heat and retains its flavour better than curly parsley. Italian Giant, is a selective plant with deeply cut, bright green leaves.

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Sow Outside March-September
Sow Inside (before transplanting)


Growing Instructions

Germinates between 10 and 25°C. Sow from February to July, and September.

Harvest June onwards (Spring sown) or April onwards (Autumn sown).

Italian parsley is started outdoors after all danger of frost has passed, or inside six to eight weeks before the last expected frost.

Use a fine mixture of potting soil, peat moss and sand.

Cover with 1/8 fine dusting of soil and keep the seeds misted and lightly moist.
Thin seedlings to 10 to 12 inches apart.