Lemon Grass Seeds
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Lemon Grass Seeds

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100 Lemon grass seeds. Lemongrass resembles a tall, grassy-like scallion because it is a member of the grass family. The slightly bulbous base is used in Asian cooking, particularly Thai, and the long, sharp-edged lemon-scented leaves are popular for teas and flavourings. They are an attractive but tender perennial plant that is easily started from seed or propagation, and will grow quickly with heat. Wintering lemongrass with care and a warm place will keep the plant producing more tender shoots.

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Sow Outside March-June
Sow Inside (before transplanting)


Growing Instructions

Refrigerate seeds for about 4 weeks first to encourage germination.

Start seeds indoors in late winter to plant out after danger of frost has passed.

Harvest when plant is 4-8 months old, or, about one foot tall. Afterwards, you can harvest every 3-4 months (kept indoors in less temperate areas) for about 4 months. To continue plant growth, cut the entire stalks below the white swollen ends and keep soil moist. Save fresh cuttings for teas.