Mandarin Tree Houseplant Seeds
Mandarin Tree Houseplant Seeds
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Mandarin Tree Houseplant Seeds

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6  Citrus reticulata seeds. The mandarin orange, also referred to as mandarin or mandarine (Citrus reticulata), is a small fruit from the citrus tree. This variety is considered a separate species from the common orange and is often eaten plain or used in fruit salads. Tangerines are a collection of orange-hued citrus fruits that are hybrids of mandarin orange and pomelo.

Mandarins have an oblate shape and are smaller compared to the spherical common oranges, which are a combination of mandarin and pomelo. They have a distinctively sweet and potent flavor compared to common oranges. When fully ripe, mandarins are slightly soft, firm, and have a pebbly skin that is thin and loose, with little white mesocarp, making them easier to peel and segment.

Hybrid varieties typically have these characteristics in lesser degrees. As a delicate fruit, mandarins are vulnerable to cold and require tropical or subtropical climates for optimal growth.

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Growing Instructions

Use a mix of humus and garden soil, with no limestone. Plant seeds at 0.5 inches of depth. Water abundantly; reduce to twice a week in winter. Give your plant a rich fertilizing treatment twice a month. Beware of illnesses common to citruses. Germination time is usually pretty short. Your seeds should germinate in a month, sometimes slightly longer.