Manuka Bonsai Tea Tree Houseplant Seeds
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Manuka Bonsai Tea Tree Houseplant Seeds

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20 Bonsai seeds. New Zealand tea tree, Leptospermum scoparium, is a compact shrub with arching shoots and incredible flowers that are extremely attractive to bees. Leptospermum scoparium ‘Martini’ bears single, icy pink flowers with a darker pink centre and has evergreen, aromatic foliage. Its bushy, compact habit makes it one of the best choices for container growing.

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Growing Instructions

Grow Leptospermum scoparium ‘Martini’ in fertile, well-drained soil (ideally chalk, sand and loam but will tolerate most soils) in full sun, ideally with the added protection of a sunny wall. But they can tolerate shade if necessary. Soak seeds overnight. Sow in Spring or Autumn, cover lightly and expect germination in 2 months.