Marigold Mr Majestic Flower Seeds
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Marigold Mr Majestic Flower Seeds

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45 marigold seeds. 'French Single Flowered'. A dwarf version of the original Striped Marvel. Unique combination of bright yellow petals with mahogany stripes, some bi-colouring may occur under stress conditions.

These seeds come with an option of Eco Packaging - Find out more. 

Sow Outside April-September
Sow Inside (before transplanting) February

Growing Instructions

Annual, sow February onwards, germinates in 4-7 days at 20°C, cover with vermiculite.
Prick out after 3-4 weeks into 4-packs, 6-packs, or 10cm pots for pot bedding sales.
Grow on at around 15°C, sowing to flowering around 10 weeks.
Best garden performance (in terms of eventual plant size and length of time plants flower) is obtained from planting before plants have flowered.
For use in Borders and containers.