Motley Meriania Nobilis Bonsai Houseplant Seeds
Motley Meriania Nobilis Bonsai Houseplant Seeds
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Motley Meriania Nobilis Bonsai Houseplant Seeds

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10 Bonsai seeds. The Colombian native, Meriania nobilis, is widely regarded as one of the world's most stunning flowering trees. Its large bouquets of blooms in shades of purple and violet cover the tree throughout the year. Although it originates from the cool Colombian mountains, it may not thrive in warm climates, making it a rare find even in botanical gardens. Also, making it perfect for growing inside and outside in the UK! The tree typically grows up to 20 feet tall if grown outside and has large, satiny leaves, and its blossoms, which are about 3 inches in size, progress through shades of red, purple, and violet, with yellow anthers adding an additional pop of colour.

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Growing Instructions

Use well-draining, slightly acidic soil. A typical mix to germinate these seeds in is 1 part peat moss or coir fiber to 1 part perlite (small or medium size, not large chunks) or coarse horticultural sand, with some slow-release fertilizer mixed in. Plant 2-4 seeds pet small pot or plant in seed starting trays with drainage. Fill the pots and place the seeds on top. If you have long-fibered sphagnum moss, sprinkle a small amount over the surface. This helps retain moisture around the seeds while allowing light to reach them, which aids germination. If you don't have the moss, sprinkle a small amount of your soil mix around the seeds. Then add water until everything is evenly moist (but not soggy). Until the seeds sprout, ensure that the surface soil always stays moist. A plastic dome may be used to maintain moisture, but leave it open slightly to allow some fresh air in. You may need to drip a few drops of water over the seeds every day to keep the seeds moist. Place the pots in an area that will stay between 64 and 76° F (18-24°C), although a little cooler at night is ok. Avoid letting them get above 78° F (25°C) for prolonged periods. Place the pots in a bright spot out of direct sun. They should begin sprouting in 6 weeks, but allow up to 12 weeks for any slow ones, especially at cooler temperatures. Once they sprout, reduce the humidity slightly and increase air flow a bit to avoid rot.