Parodia Notocactus Mixed Cactus Houseplant Seeds
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Parodia Notocactus Mixed Cactus Houseplant Seeds

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15 cactus seeds. Notocactus is a genus of South-American cacti grown for their spines and attractive flowers. The genus has been merged with Parodia, which is closely related and comes from higher and dryer locales. Notocactus are slow-growing and make excellent house plants, with globular to low columnar shapes and depressed centers, many ribs, and fine spines. They tend to be short growing but can reach up to 3 feet in some species. Notocactus can withstand cold temperatures just above freezing in winter and thrive in terracotta pots with good drainage. They should be watered sparingly in winter and gradually increased in spring and summer, but not fed during winter. Repotting every other or every three years using fresh compost is recommended.

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Growing Instructions

To germinate seeds, prepare a loose and airy medium by mixing river sand, potting soil, and 1-3 mm grit in equal parts, then sterilize 1-3 mm grit to place on top (or a cactus soil mix will work fine with some grit on top). Fill containers halfway with the medium, add grit on top, and soak in a watertight tray for two hours before placing in a clear bag at 23°C with medium light. After germination, gradually expose seedlings to dryer air by making small holes in the bag each week. Transplant seedlings into fresh soil when the medium is dry, the seedlings are cramped. Increase light intensity as seedlings grow, but be mindful of burning.