Perpetual Spinach Beet Leaf Seeds
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Perpetual Spinach Beet Leaf Seeds

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250 Perpetual Spinach seeds. Perpetual spinach is a chard (beet family) but is very similar to true spinach in flavour. We prefer it as it is much easier to grow and far more vigorous than true spinach. It also has the advantage of constantly producing a new crop when picked and so is ideally suited to gardening in a small space. More or less a trouble free crop that's suited to summer and autumn production. Can be overwintered and will last up to 2 seasons. Use as an alternative 'cut and come again' spinach crop.

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Sow Outside June-November

Growing Instructions

Best grown from seeds, Perpetual spinach can be planted from late winter through to early summer and from late summer to autumn. Germinates between 8 and 30°C.