Pink Muhly Cotton Candy Houseplant Seeds
Pink Muhly Cotton Candy Houseplant Seeds
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Pink Muhly Cotton Candy Houseplant Seeds

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20 pink muhly seeds. Muhlenbergia capillaris, commonly known as the hairawn muhly, is a perennial sedge-like plant that grows to be about 30–90 cm tall and 60–90 cm wide. The plant includes a double layer; green, leaf-like structures surround the understory, and purple-pink flowers outgrow them from the bottom up.

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Sow Inside Anytime
Sow Outside June-September

Growing Instructions

Propagate this plant by sowing the seeds in large pots or trays with high-quality potting soil or seed compost.

Be sure to sow the seeds thinly; otherwise, the seedlings might develop fungal diseases or grow very thinly.

Avoid covering the seeds with mulch or compost since the seeds need light for the germination process.

Instead, press the seeds tightly in the soil and keep them moist.

It is best to keep the temperatures between 15° – 20° C.

The germination process usually takes two to four weeks to complete.

Once the seedlings appear, place the plant under direct sunlight until it establishes.

Transplant the seedlings in a small pot with gritty compost.

When it becomes a bushy plant, you can transfer it in the garden during the summer season if you wish.