Radish Cherry Belle Seeds
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Radish Cherry Belle Seeds

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1000 Radish cherry belle seeds. Radish cherry belle, a superb variety with crisp flesh and a mild flavour. Easy to grow salad crop. Good for the stomach and digestion. This fast maturing variety produces early crops of sweet and succulent, mildly flavoured radish. The globe shaped roots of Radish 'Cherry Belle' have appealing bright red skins and a crisp, crunchy texture. This RHS AGM variety is best sown successionally for ongoing crops throughout summer that are very slow go woody.

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Sow Outside January-March in greenhouse or March-August direct
Sow Inside (before transplanting)


Growing Instructions

Germinates between 14 and 30°C. For early glasshouse production sow January-March. Sow main crop March-August. Sow late glasshouse crop September-October. 60-75kg seed per hectare. Spacing 1.5-2.5cm x 20-45cm.