Rainbow Eucalyptus Houseplant Seeds
Rainbow Eucalyptus Houseplant Seeds
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Rainbow Eucalyptus Houseplant Seeds

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10 eucalyptus seeds. A magical eucalyptus tree which grows a multicoloured trunk with it's stunning blue foliage. One of the three Eucalyptus species not indigenous to the Antipodes. It's from Indonesia, so is not hardy for growing outdoors in the UK all year round. It is more than happy to grow outdoors in a large container from May through to the first frosts of Autumn; at which point you need to bring it indoors. Perfect for Bonsai growing. Please note that Eucs hate root disturbance of any kind, so planting it in the ground and then lifting to pot and bring indoors is not a good idea if you want it to live! Keep containerised at all times. Air-pot containers are absolutely the best way forward as they constantly stimulate the roots, keeping them active and producing fresh new growth up top; leading to a happy tree.

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Growing Instructions

With the right conditions, this species propagates easily from seed. Make sure that temperatures are around 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32c) for optimal germination. Surface sow the seeds and place in a sunny position with moist soil. Keep the soil moist and wait for germination to occur, usually within 3-6 weeks.