Red Pepper Beauty Bell Seeds
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Red Pepper Beauty Bell Seeds

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8 pepper seeds. Each plant will produce very sweet four-lobed peppers with thick walls. Large thick walled square shaped fruits of dark green that turn brilliant red.

These seeds come with an option of Eco Packaging - Find out more. 

Sow Inside (before transplanting) December-March
Sow Outside March onwards

Growing Instructions

Sow December-March. Start them indoors about 8 weeks prior to placing outside in a good soilless mix, pressing the seeds about ¼ to ½ inch deep. Be sure to harden the seedlings off before transplanting into the garden once it’s warm enough and give them plenty of space – at least 18 inches between plants. Give them full sun, fertile soil and ample drainage too. It normally takes Purple Beauty bells about 70-80 days from transplanting to ripen