Rocket Salad Seeds
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Rocket Salad Seeds

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2100 rocket salad leaf seeds. Also known as plain rocket.
Leaves can be picked individually for a distinctive peppery-flavoured leaf.
Very useful in mixed salad packs. Long, strap like, serrated leaves, dark green in colour. Very quick-maturing. Rocket remains a popular ingredient of mixed salad packs. The tangy leaves add a distinctive flavour to salads. The development of cultivated x wild hybrids has added to the popularity of this product, particularly with the restaurant trade.

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Sow Outside Anytime
Sow Inside (before transplanting)


Growing Instructions

Produce outside during the spring and summer, and under protection during the winter.
Sowing depth 1cm. Spacing (final and for cut-and-comeagain) 15cm in row, 15cm between rows.