Rooibos Tea Tree Shrub Seeds
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Rooibos Tea Tree Shrub Seeds

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10 pelleted Rooibos tea seeds. Originating from the Western Cape of South Africa, this highly popular shrub is renowned for its numerous health benefits. Commonly referred to as the "Red Bush," it earns its name from the slightly reddish hue of its branches. The shrub grows up to 2 meters in height and showcases green, needle-shaped leaves that alternate along its branches, measuring around 6 centimeters in length. During the spring to early summer period, the plant blossoms with vibrant yellow flowers, each boasting a distinctive fan-shaped lobe. The dried leaves of this plant are used to brew Rooibos tea, which can be enjoyed in its natural "green" form or fermented, resulting in the traditional red-brown hue. Rooibos tea offers a slightly earthy flavor and is rich in antioxidants. Notably, it is caffeine-free and lacks tannins, making it a superb alternative to other caffeinated beverages. In its native environment, pregnant women sometimes consume this tea to alleviate heartburn and nausea. To thrive, the Red Bush requires well-drained, acidic sandy soil and a sunny location. It displays tolerance to temperatures as low as -4°C (24°F). Additionally, this species engages in a symbiotic relationship with specific soil bacteria.

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Growing Instructions

Before sowing, ensure you soak the seeds in warm water for approximately 12 hours. When planting, cover the seeds with around 10mm of soil. As soon as the seedlings are of a suitable size, carefully transfer them to individual pots containing well-drained sandy soil. Allow them to continue growing in a greenhouse throughout their first winter. By late spring or early summer, once the risk of frost has passed, you can transplant them outdoors. It is advisable to protect the plants from cold temperatures and excessive rainfall during their initial winter outdoors, ensuring their successful establishment.