Sapphire Tower 'Puya Alpestris' Flower Seeds
Sapphire Tower 'Puya Alpestris' Flower Seeds
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Sapphire Tower 'Puya Alpestris' Flower Seeds

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10 Sapphire Tower seeds. The Blue Puya plant, is a bromeliad and closely related to the pineapple. The plant is a rare specimen that hails from Chile in the Andes Mountains. It is part of several cactus and succulent plant collections but is not found wild in North America.

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Sow Outside Anytime
Inside Under Glass (Before Transplanting)

Growing Instructions

Perennial. Puya are slow to germinate and require temperatures of at least 70 degrees F. (21 C.). Use a well-drained potting soil in a seed flat. Keep the seeds moderately moist until they sprout. Once you see seedlings, move the flat to a brightly lit area with protection from the harsh light of midday. Transplant the seedlings when they have formed a rosette.