Sundew Drosera Tokaiensis Carnivorous Houseplant Seeds
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Sundew Drosera Tokaiensis Carnivorous Houseplant Seeds

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5 Sundew seeds. Please note: The seeds are tiny like specs and are sometimes difficult to see. Drosera tokaiensis is a natural hybrid between Drosera spatulata and Drosera rotundifolia. Drosera tokaiensis is unlike D. rotundifolia in that it does NOT need dormancy, but it can go dormant if subjected to the right conditions (i.e. low temperatures). Give this rosetted sundew subtropical conditions for best results. Highly recommended for any beginning sundew grower. Drosera tokaiensis is exceptionally fast (can flower at only 4 months old) and easy to grow from seed. Under bright light, Drosera tokaiensis will develop beautiful coloration.

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Growing Instructions

Plant in a mix of 1 part peat, 1 part sand, 1 part long-fibred sphagnum (LFS), and 1 part perlite. Can be planted at any time. Keep the plant in sub-tropical conditions, if possible. Ideally using a propagator for extra humidity until they germinate. Takes 1-6 weeks to germinate.