Tiger Aloe Variegate Houseplant Seeds
Tiger Aloe Variegate Houseplant Seeds
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Tiger Aloe Variegate Houseplant Seeds

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10 aloe seeds. Gonialoe variegata (syn. Aloe variegata), also known as tiger aloe and partridge-breasted aloe, is a species of flowering plant in the family Asphodelaceae. It is an evergreen succulent perennial indigenous to South Africa and Namibia.

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Growing Instructions

Growing Aloe from seeds is usually a straightforward process. The keys to success are the right medium and growing conditions. A well-draining mix of peat and horticultural sand, or a combination of sterile compost, perlite, and sand, can work well. You want to create an environment that won't become waterlogged and isn't susceptible to pathogens or weeds. Flats are a good option since they require less soil and provide a more controlled environment for seedlings. Spread the seeds about an inch apart on lightly moistened medium and cover them with a light layer of sand. If you live in a warm climate, you can sow the seeds outside, but those in colder areas will need to start indoors with the addition of bottom heat. Keep the medium slightly moist and provide bright light in an area with an ideal temperature of 75°F (23°C). Should only take a couple of weeks to germinate.