Tropical Pitcher Plant Nepenthes stenophylla Carnivorous Houseplant Seeds
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Tropical Pitcher Plant Nepenthes stenophylla Carnivorous Houseplant Seeds

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5 Nepenthes seeds. The tropical pitcher plant, or Nepenthes, is a unique genus in the pitcher plant family, with over 100 known species. They are native to Southeast Asia, Australia, India, and Madagascar, mainly found in the humid tropics and grow at varying altitudes. Nepenthes can be either semi-shrubs or vines, depending on the species. Their leaves have three parts: a leaf-shaped part, a tendril used for clinging, and a cup-shaped trap at the end of the tendril.

Nepenthes are carnivorous and have passive pitfall traps that lure prey with scent or color. The rim of the cup contains nectar that attracts the prey, which then falls in and is digested by the highly acidic liquid at the bottom of the cup. The trap withers after about three months, and the lid serves as protection against rainwater.

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Growing Instructions

To start Nepenthes seeds, chopped live sphagnum moss can be used in damp conditions, and overgrown sphagnum can be pinched back with forceps. Dried long fibered sphagnum can also be used by rehydrating it with boiling water, but overcooking it can cause molding. Coir, which has a 50% to 75% content of long fibers, is another effective option. Seeds should be sprinkled onto the medium's surface, sprayed with pure water, and placed in plastic bags in warm temperatures. Germination can take 4 weeks - up to a year.