Utricularia Bladderwort Mix Carnivorous Houseplant Seeds
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Utricularia Bladderwort Mix Carnivorous Houseplant Seeds

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5 bladderwort seeds. The bladders of certain plants function as vacuums, quickly trapping tiny microorganisms once a trigger hair is touched. The entire process, which involves the bladder opening, capturing the prey, expelling water, and resetting, happens in a fraction of a second and is imperceptible to the naked eye. However, despite this fascinating carnivorous feature, the plants' flowers are also noteworthy and make them worthwhile to cultivate as houseplants. Most of these plants are easy to grow and have a network of roots and bladders that spread throughout the soil. They typically prefer a bright windowsill, but some of the tropical species with larger flowers and impressive leaves require a shadier location and pair well with Monkey Cups and Mexican butterworts. Some of these plants can bloom throughout the year. For more specific instructions, consult the care guide or the individual plants.

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Growing Instructions

Sow seeds of Utricularia on the surface and place the the pot in a plastic bag in a warm location until the seeds germinate. After the seeds germinate, remove the pot from the plastic bag and put the pot to a bright location such as a terrarium. The surface of the planting medium must be kept wet.