Wildflowers for Shaded Places Mixed Wild Flower Seeds
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Wildflowers for Shaded Places Mixed Wild Flower Seeds

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500 Wildflower seeds. This decorative mix is designed for shady spots such as the foot of hedges. This particular wildflower mix is made up of 12 annuals and 16 perennials including: Virginian stock, Balsam, Dames Rocket, Yarrow, Borage, Sweet Alyssum, Wild Poppy, Mallow, Sweet Pea, Foxglove Aquilegia, Lobelia, and Campanula carpatica.

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Sow Outside April-June

Growing Instructions

Usually sown from the end of April to the beginning of June (depending upon the location), when the soil is sufficiently warm and moist for the seeds to germinate. Throw to Grow requires significantly less management than bedding plants. Fertilisers and pesticides are not needed and demand is low for water. It is important however to remove weeds when visible.