Vegetables to grow in July

growing vegetables in the UK 

You might think that July is too late to start growing your own vegetables, but there are still vegetables you can grow despite it being the height of Summer. In fact, some vegetables grow much better in July than any other time of the year because the sun does all the work for you!

Here is a list of vegetables that you can easily grow in July in the UK/Zone 9.


Most lettuce seeds are happy to grow in July and they are super quick to grow! Why pay expensive prices in the shops when you can grow them for a fraction of the price? Here’s our favourite lettuce mix – french lettuce seeds.


Cabbage is best sown in a greenhouse or similar environment between July and August for planting out about 4 weeks later. We love this variety – Brunswick Cabbage seeds.

Speedy Beans

Speedy beans are suited to late sowing, and can be sown directly into the ground in July. They also take up minimal space and can be sown directly in pots if required and only take 60 days until harvest. Here’s our favourite speedy bean species – Dwarf French Speedy Bean seeds.


July is generally the last month you can start growing carrots in the UK, and are ready to harvest in 70 days from start to finish. Autumn king are our personal favourites, they are large and super sweet too! You can buy them here: Autumn King 2 Seeds.


The great news is, it’s not too late to grow Cucumbers! If you start them off in early July, they will be ready to harvest in Autumn. We think Marketmore Cucumbers are the easiest and most tasty variety to grow. You can buy them here: Cucumber Marketmore seeds.


Growing Okra in the Summer months is the perfect time because they thrive off the warm sun. If the weather is unpredictable as it normally is in the UK then keep them under glass. You can buy them here: Okra seeds.


I mean, who doesn’t love sweetcorn? We love the baby corn minipop seeds because they produce those gorgeous miniature corns which taste unreal in nearly every dish. The best part is, you can start them in July and they’ll be ready for harvest in early Autumn.


Turnips are the perfect seed to sow in July and if you go for the Tokyo Turnip, they are ready to harvest in as little as 35 days!


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